Come to beautiful Phuket and dive with us. 


  • Snorkeling trips only 1.000 THB included Equipment (pre booking!)

  • Scuba Introduction in a nearby pool

  • Dive Training (SSI, PADI) from beginner all the way through to professional

  • Half daytrips to our local dive sites, divers and snorkelers are go on board from Nai Yang beach before being transferred in 10 to 20 minutes to one of our 16 local dive sites (9:30 am to 1:00 pm)

  • Daytrips to dive sites around Phuket, i.e. the Similan Islands, Phi Phi and Ratcha Islands, to mention just a few. In this case transfer is by road to the pier of Chalong or Tablamu where the daytrip boat is boarded.

  • Live-a-board Trips to the famous Similan/Surin Islands.

  • Yacht Charter Service!!!

  • Sunset Cruises small Boat 2hours 



Half Day Trips to our local dive sites in our "Beauty". Divers and Snorkelers will go on board at Nai Yang Beach. We arrive at out dive destination in only 10 to 20 minutes depending on which of our local dives sites we are visiting. The boat leaves at 9:30 am and is usually back by 1:00 pm.
All of our dives are guided-, multi level-, pick up dives, max. dive time 60 minutes or 50 bar ! We’re using mainly 12 l aluminum tanks, 6 or 8 l aluminum tanks or 15 l steel tanks on request ! Our tanks have Int-valves, adapters are available!

Price per diver / 1 dive:  2.000 THB 

Price per diver / 2 dives: 3.000 THB

Rental equipment 500 THB/full set

Snorkeling included equipment 1.000 THB


The West Coast of Phuket offers different kind of dive spots : as there areMarine Park, a hard coral reef only 10 minutes away from the beach (max. depth 14 m, suited for beginners)

Stonecoral Garden, as the name says, a hard coral reef with big stone formations on the sandy bottom

(max. depth 16 to 18 m, suited for beginners)


Stingray Point, along the coast’s big rockformations

max. depth 16 to 18 m, suited for beginners)


Lost Rocks, the northern part of Naithon Bay

(max. depth 10 to 14 m, suited for beginners)


Hin 333, this reef is running parallel to Naithon Beach

(max. depth 16 to 18 m, suited for beginners)


Hin Gluay, small caves and big rocks

(max. depth 14 to 18 m, drift dive)

Tin Lizzy, an excavator sunken about 30 years ago, completely covered with hard corals (max. depth 14 to 16 m, beginner to advanced)

Hin Deep Blue, a rock formation in the middle of nowhere, famous for big schools of barracudas (max. depth 16 to 30 m, advanced)


Sky Dive Reef (Sunken Squadron, Airport Tempelhof)

in November 2008 four Dakota airplanes and six Sikorski helicopters have been sunken between Ban Tao Beach and Waeo Island; during the monsoon season this artificial wreck have falling a part, but there is still a lot to see (max. depth 18 to 28 m, advanced dive)

Waeo Island, two little islands with at least four dive sites, the south and north is covered with huge coral gardens, the west with big stone formations and at the east we find some cubes as another artificial reef (max. depth 6 to 30 m, beginner to advanced)